We had such a diverse graduating memoir group! In alphabetical order:

Dustin Fisher, a stay-at-home dad.


Michelle Junot, living through a funny and whimsical coming of age story.


Me, wrestling with questions about home and belonging as an immigrant.

Beyond the Baobab front cover final

Anthony Moll, who served in the military during “don’t ask don’t tell.”


Dwight Watkins, who grew up on the gritty, East Baltimore streets that were made famous in “The Wire.”

bookcover dwight

Because our subjects and styles were so very different, the workshopping process was was quite wondrous. We would all sit around a table late into the night probing and questioning – and, best of all, honoring – each other’s work; never proscribing, but empathizing with each individual writer, and holding a mirror up to their work. What we have come away with is five books that could hardly be more different from each other!

It was my pleasure to review Dustin’s book for the collaborative online magazine, MONOLOGGING. Here is the link:


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