A rich fantasy life



Stonesong. It’s such an evocative name. It can mean what you want it to mean. I’m not sure if I love the name or the delicately balanced logo more.

In the essay, Cape of Good Hope, in Beyond the Baobab, I wrote that I “discovered the value of a rich fantasy life; if you dream and fantasize and imagine enough, sometimes it – or an approximation of it, at least – will come to pass.” I’ve just rediscovered that this is true. All the time I was working on the manuscript for my MFA, my hope – my dream, my fantasy – was that it could serve as the basis for a full length book. Now, a literary agent at Stonesong has offered to represent me to do just that. I am so lucky that it is almost shocking! My brand new agent has her own transnational background, and now my deepest wish is to work very hard, and write and write and write, to try to make something that will touch her story – and the myriad other stories of criss-crossed nationalities.


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